Friday, February 20, 2015

HORTON DISEASE awareness Blog Train

You may not know but my lovely husband, Jean-Pierre, suffers from Horton Disease. It is an orphan disease, which appear suddenly, he begun to suffer from terrible headaches, very high fever, and pain in the whole body. He lost 10 kilos in 2 weeks, and spent 3 weeks in hospital, while doctors made a lot of analysis, thinking in every diseases possible, because it is an orphan disease and rare for people in his case (he is not a woman, he is not more than 75 yo… !) . They finally found what disease it was by making a biopsy of his temporal arteris. And after only 2 days of corticoids, he yet felt better ! What a relief ! He still took corticoids, decreasing little by little the dose, hoping having no need of those medics one day, because it is not simple to live with this kind of medics (a lot of personnality changes ! believe me !)
You could read more about this disease here :
Our group of sweet ladies agreed to make a Horton Disease Awareness blog train, and it comes to be an amazing ensemble!
Here is the result !

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Here is my part :

Enjoy !