Thursday, October 15, 2015

New Paris New York Blog Train

Oh my, since the time… nothing post for ages !
We had an Internet outage in August, 21 days without any connection !!!!! But instead of becoming crazy (well, in fact, I wasalready crazy…), I understood the fragility of this new extension of our brain : Internet.
So I decide to manage the one Nature gives me at birth brain, I mean…), spending less time on Internet and more time with my family, my books, my pencils … and my computer (LOL).
So today, here is the new PNY Blog Train, I am also working on a new awareness BT and a collab for WithLoveStudio and another one for PixelsAndArt Design with amazin palettes ! and I draw pumpkins, you will see them soon…
Catch those freebies while they are here and while I have enough time to make some, it will not last!
So today, PNY BT is called “Last Beach Shore”. For it,  I draw vintage elements around beach and boat stuff… As always after one or 2 weeks, I will develop this kit and it will be available on my stores. Well, I let you see this freebie and tell me your thoughts:

And here are the other stations :
So, let them a comment, they are all waiting for it and they deserve it!