Tuesday, August 08, 2006

I can't believe it !!! Je ne peux pas le croire !!!

Je ne peux pas croire que ça fasse plus de 3 semaines que je n'ai rien écrit !!! pourtant il y en a eu des nouvelles depuis !!! Quelle mauvaise bloggeuse !! En tout cas, voilà ce que je voulais vous montrer, mon premier challenge, avec photo imposée sur le Parc de la Vanoise pour le site mondeduscrapvirtuel.

I can't believe that I didn't write anything since more than 3 weeks !!! what a bad blogger am I !! I want to show something : first, my first challenge, with the same photo for everybody, a photo taken in the La Vanoise Park, in France, for the french site mondeduscrapvirtuel.

Maintenant, voici mon fond d'écran d'août, réalisé à partir de mon mini kit pour le travail collaboratif sur le blog de Cisca, Cheesecake, intitulé "Summer Night" ( dont voici la prévisualisation).

Here is my wallpaper for august; made with my moini-kit for the collaborative work in the Cisca's blog, Cheesecake, called "Summer Night" (here is the preview)

Voilà le mini-kit, et demain je vous montrerai
l'add-on (parce que blogger ne veut plus que je rajoute d'image, vraisemblablement !!!), disponibles tous les deux sur le blog de Cheesecake.

Here is the mini-kit and tomorrow I'll show you the add-on (blogger seams to refuse the addition of a new image....). There are disponible on Cheesecake Blog.

Pour ce qui est des nouvelles, je fais maintenent partie de l'équipe de disigners de Digidreamer !!! et oui !!! ayé !!! chuis une grande !!! Je n'ai encore rien pour la boutique, ça viendra plus tard, mais dès le mois de septembre, vous aurez droit à des petits bouts de moi !!! Pour l'occasion, j'ai créé un blinkie, que voici...

The great new is that I am a part of the designer team og digiDreamer !!! Yesssss !!! I am a grand now !! I have nothing for the shop for the moment, it will be for leter, but, you'll have little piece by me for september.... !!! For the occasion, I create a blinkie, that is bellow...

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

I decide to re-put my old kits here !!!

I participate to the Cheesecake Blog cooperative work (link at the left), and all the kits I've done for her will be downloadable here too... I'll show you too those I've created for ScrapBookBytes...
And one info more : I re-write in french because (I don't know if you saw it, but ...) I join the "DigiBlog Top" list" and "Le Top du Digiscrap" list too (that for the sine qua non condition is the french language...) clic on the icon for me please.... if you want, of course....

Je participe au travail colaboratif sur le blog de CheeseCake (lien à gauche) et j'ai décidé de remettre ici en DL, et surtout pour vous les montrer, les kits que j'ai fait pour elle ... Je remets aussi ceux que j'ai proposé chez ScrapBook Byte... Et donc, info supplémentaire, j'ai rejoins les listes de DigiBlog Top et du Top du Digiscrap (qui liste donc les sites et blog en français), c'est pourquoi je me remets au bilinguisme... cliquez sur les icones à gauche pour moi, si you plait !!!... et si vous voulez, bien sur ...

Télécharger / Download

Well, here is the Strawberry CheeseCake Pack 1 that you can download here .
Alors, voilà le PAck 1 du kit Strawberry CheeseCake que vous pouvez télécharger ci-dessus...

Ah, I want to show you another painting, "of behind the faggots" (it's the word by word translation of a french expression, that is to say, very old, or that I keep by side for best days, like a good liquor.... LOL). Name Le Langage des Fleurs (Flowers Language), as if the flowers could speak (we talk about the body langage...) dated 1999...
Aussi, tiens, ça fait longtemps, n petit tableau de derrière les fagots : Le Langage des fleurs, comme si les fleurs pouvaient parler (on parle bien du langage du corps....) daté de 1999...

Well, that's all for now, folks and "see you later, aligator..."
Bon, c'est tout pour le monent, les potes(ses), et " à la revoyure"

Caro{line} aka bbk29

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

And the winner is ....

My favourite !!

Yes, it is my favourite !!! What do you think of that ?? I enjoy doing it, you know, and I hope that you enjoy it too !!!

Here you can download it...

Let me know if you do some LO with it, I receive two with the first part....
Look at them here : This one is from Ellen (Norway), thanks Ellen !!

This one is from Rachel (may be USA ?) (Rachel, I can't ask your permission because you didn't let me your email, but I suppose that you don't mind that I show it ??)

And now, it's your turn !!! Who will be the next ???

Thanks in advance and read you soon....

Bisous et @+
bbk29 aka Caro{line}

Monday, July 10, 2006

My last part LO for Summer Umbrella...

Alors ??? Hein ??? So ??? what do you say about this ??? Personnaly I prefere this one....

My daughter said that Manon, a girl from her classroom, has a "robe qui tourne" (a dress-wich-turns) I don't know if in other land it's a girly fantasm, but in France, to have a dress-wich-turn, it's quite having a princess dress !!!!
So in two hours, I made a dress-wich-turns with a flower on the chest.... She was very very happy !!! More than happy, I have to admit !!! Very little thing for a great joy !! It is that the child !!!

I keep this souvenir and I use it to illustrate the three part of my "Summer Umbrella" (there is quite nothing to do with umbrella now... may be the dress-wich-turns ???)

Say me what you think about all of that and tomorrow, I proooooomise I put the third part of the kit !!! I use my LO like a teaser !!!! You are swallowing in advance, I see you !!!!

Read you soon and @+ tard !!!

bbk29 aka Caro{line}

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Second Part of my "Summer Umbrella Kit"....


Here is the second part of the "Summer Umbrella" kit ...

The third part is my preferred ... you will see....

and here is the LO that I made with the second one... I'm not totally satisfied but... I show it ...

For the future, I would like to put my freebies for a longer period... I test my own site.......it's under construction... I will see... I have to work hard on my DEA book (I have to work hard if I want to be able to continue in doctorate next year !!) so I make pauses sometimes in design ... but when you are "passioné"... LOL !!

So I hope having few comments... Thanks for the past ones...


I will try to re-put the old freebies with MyTempDir

Friday, July 07, 2006

My LO...

My LO... with my kit !!

I never receive nay LO made with my stuff, so I do it myself... NA !!!!

Of course, it's my daughter, Léa, in her grand-parents garden...
It's a very funny game, you plug the water sprinkler pipe... and the yellow clown's blue hat takes off and goes up ... quite thirty years that it works !!!!

So if you want snd me your LO, it's OK !!!! I would like to see what you can do with my kits...
Thanks in advance.


Thursday, July 06, 2006

Another link for the first part of SUMMER UMBRELLA

A new link with MyTempDir because of the so many problems with YSI (in fact you have to clear you browser cache and to push F5 key, sometimes more than once...) and if you are lucky the "download" button apprea... but here is another link ... for the luckyest !!! HERE

Read you more and more and soon...


Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Lil' freebie... for summer !!!

Hello !!!

Here is another freebie. It's my promised "Summer Umbrella" kit.... lot of add-ons will come...
I have a lot of paper yet prepared... now I have to work on the embellishments....

So, see you soon, and let me comments, I adore comments !!!

Caro{line} aka bbk29

PS :
Sorry I forgot the link !!!! And blogger is blogger, I must say Blogger is bugger !!! I can't correct my message yesterday...

And don't forget to leave me a word as soon as the link is broken....

**EDIT** new link for this kit : HERE !!

Monday, July 03, 2006

One painting more... we are in 1999 !!!


It's a long time since I wrote here....
My english is worth and worth... but, I write now !!! Never mind (I wish it would be better but ...)

Here is another painting dated 1999... and it's called "Tibet"... you see why ?!!

I like asia and writting... tibetan writting is very very beautifull....

So tell me what you think of that...

For a next day, I'm preparing freebies on the summer theme...

Read you soon and @+

Caroline aka bbk29 and vice versa

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Another Freebie....

Hello everybody,

I don't know how much you are, but I give you something more....
Here is the preview of the add-on for the Strawberry Cheesecake collaboration kit with Cisca of Cheesecake...

What do you think of that ??? Let comments, I love that !!!

Here is the link for download it

So see you next WE because I go to Paris for another boring 9 h return journey !!!! But it's the last before october !!!
In the train, I read the last David Lodge (in english), "Author, Author" to perfect mine (english)..... but herrrr, I have a lot to do before beeing as good as I want !!

Read you soon !!! ;-)
bbk29 aka Caro{line}

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Preview for 'Strawberry Cheesecake'

This is the preview of my two contributions to Cheesecake Blog. Fell free to go there and to download them, if any problem, be free to tell me and I repost them elsewhere...
It's for the "suzammenarbeit" in deutch, collaborative work in fact, named
Strawberry Cheesecake and it's very exiting to do. I will give you soon a little something more for this kit, because Francisca say that she receives lot of thing, so I will post here add-on....

Tonight I re-take the train to Paris... tomorrow a day of working in the Kandinsky Library, a library in the third floor of the Pompidou Center (Beaubourg) where you need a delegation of power to enter with a special card and so and so.... friday, a whole day of working in the BNF (Bibliotheque Nationale de France), the French National Library, bin the area of the Opera (it's to say the district of the Opera Garnier).... and à 21:05 I re-re-take the train to Brest, arrival at 1:26 in the night between friday and saturday.... and may be à 7:00, Léa commes to wake me up !!!! Saturday is allways very hard !! My eyes feel free to close them up after the lunch.... and a little nap is allways necessary ....
So, read you soon, and soon for a freebie... (and sorry for my very poor scholar english once more !!)

bbk29 aka Caro{line}

Monday, June 12, 2006

My avatars....

Here is <-- one of my new avatar but I can't insert it on Gottapixel... may be have I to had 30 posts ???
It's approximativly me, a "me" of every day...
the other is this one -->

So here is the next painting, it's called "Rose", it's a word game between the colour, the flower and it's also a first name in french... There is a "Rose des vents" (wind rose ??), a rose, and lot of thing,

and a sentence :
"L'insecte butineur
apprécie-t-il à sa juste valeur
la perfection de cette fleur ?"
Is to say in approximative english :"Does the butinor insecte appreciate at is real price the perfection of this flower?" (very very approximative english, in fact!!!)..

So read you soon and good night !!

bbk29 aka Caroline

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Image or not Image today ???


So it works !!! Wonderfulllllllllllllll !!!!!!!!!

So before that it does work one more time, here is my promise ALPHA, "BoogieWoogie On Fire"(it's for 7 days or 25 DL so send me a mail if it doen't work anymore, I wil re-upload it). {allways click on the link in colour to DownLoad my FREEBIES, allright ??}

And the other thing that I want to show to you since several days is that :

A painting dated 1999 june, it's for a friend's birthday... I called it "Emma" (for my friend Emmanuelle). Tell me what you think about it.

Read you soon..

Caro aka bbk29

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

One day more, photo upload is imposible !!!

What is a blog without photo ????

Don't know what to do... may be changing my blog provider ?? I wil try today another one... I am fed up with people that didn't respect the promises... You think that you could do something and... one day !!! Break down !!! but the needed is created and you feel frustrated !!!

So, I take the bull by the horn (french sentense), I will try another one !!! Na !!!!

Caro aka bbk29

Monday, June 05, 2006

What the problem with Blogger ??

I'm back from Paris till the night between saturday ans sunday... My last courses for this year and I visit an expo "L'Envolée Lyrique" in the Musée du Luxembourg (the Sénat), about the "Abstraction Lyrique", an artisic movment in France between 1945 and ~1956, more or less.... and MY painter (is to say, the painter on whom I write, Jean Degottex) is one of these artists. It's a party of that is called "L'école de Paris", wich is not a school in fact but a stream of artstic thinking.... (argh !! my english is too poor !!)

Did I could show you something now ?? Blogger didn't go very well today .... I try several time today but... nothing.... I couldn't put any photo....arrrrgggghhhh !!!
I will try tomorrow !! I want to share with you another alpha and more paintings to see...
May be tomorrow will be another day, as we say in France....

So, see you tomorrow...
@+ (= see you soon, see you later...)
Caro aka bbk29

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Painting for Anne...

Bonjour tout le monde,

Yes, me, I'm fine, I go inn holydays 4 days with Léa and Jean-Pierre by my parents in the center of France (Angers exactly)... So everybody is destressed... Cool !!

So, today, I'll show you that :

It's a painting for my (little) sister, Anne, and it's named.... "Anne" , it's about 1997.. I jump with the both feet in the writting theme !!!

And I'll give you too an ALPHA that i give to SBB but since they reorganise the site, it doesn't appear ! So here it is !!! (there is another one in my secret cupboard for my hollyday return !!!)

See you soon, and on the CheeseCake blog for another "Collaborative kit", this one is named Strawberry Cjeesecake !!

Bisous à tous

Caro aka bbk29

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Another painting .... What do you think ??


Just before going by train in Paris (a 4h30 journey !! every week...) I put another painting that I called "Les acteurs" (The actors) in ref. with a book of Bernard Werber "Les Fourmis" (The Ants)... I paint it in 1997 (the colours are brighter in fact... but the photo didn't show them very well)...

Well, in one hour I will be in the train, surely reading a book of Martha Grimes or "L'anti-Regime" (the anti-diet) of David Benchetrit (yeeeees, I have 20 kilos to loose...)...
Tomorrow morning I have a seminar about Extreme-Orient (China, Japon....) and friday morning another seminar with Serge Lemoine (president of the Orsay Museum !!!), my professor and my director of research... And the both afternoons I have to read the manuscrit notes of the painter whom I work on, Jean Degottex (one next day I show you images of his work...). His writting is difficult to read... Here is the menu of my two next days.... And what about you ??

So see you soon here, and don't forget to let me your impressions and comments.
Caro aka bbk29

Monday, May 15, 2006

Here I come ...

Yes I know, a long silence next week but I was in Paris, like every thursday and friday (except in holiday periods) to go to my course of Contemporary Art History, in La Sorbonne University, and during this time I can't write on my blog.... 9 hours by train for 5 hours of course !! It has to be passion !!!

So here is another painting

It's a "Terasse in Paris", dated 1997....

And the next one is the famous one that decide of my passage to a quiet non-figurative work...

I entitled it in 1997 "Ogham" in reference to the old irishes writting, ancestor of Runes and I make a link with the "code-barre" we use now.

Well well, it's an old painting now, little by little you will see the slide to a totally non-figurative painting...
See you soon !!!

Caro aka bbk29

Sunday, May 14, 2006

New new freebie

Hello to my fans !!!

I am joking but I really appreciate yours comments !!! Really !!!

HERE is the second add-on for "Beautifull May" , I hope you enjoy it... if you want to be advised when I put some new freebie, you could let me your email.... Visit too the Cheesecake Blog for elements wich match with this ones..

If somebody want a french translation, I could do it, but now I am in a hurry to give you these things... so !!! This afternoon (now it's 12:22 here) I'll show you another painting(s)... just because I want it... Na !!

See you soon and read you soon too....

Caro aka bbk29

Saturday, May 13, 2006

New freebie

Good Night (for me... it's 23:06 !!)

Here is the preview that I have just finished of my new freebie in addition to the "Beautiful May" of Cheesecake... several papers, one transparent alpha, a curled ribbon, four slides and squared buttons...
Next days, two another add-on espacially for you...
So, see you soon, and if you could and if it's not forbidden by your religion, please click on the advertisings on my blog... if you want.... it will be cool for me....
Caro aka bbk29

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Another painting...

HEEEeeellOooo !!!!

This morning (it's 9:56) I will show you another paintings... of my "first period" - quite like Picasso, here is my "green période".... (hihihi !!!)It's named "Le Loch", that is a sort of little house in Bretagne (it's a name in breton), nothing to see with "Loch Ness" or else, wich mean "lake"... The pronounciation is L. O. and CH like in "chat" (cat)... It is dated of 1996.

This second one, a still life, is older (1989 or 1990, except the frame, wich is the negative of the border... as you can see)

That's all for today... Tomorrow, I will show you the slitly passage between figrative and non-figurative, when I begin to work around writting, symbols and stange similitudes between different culture...
Write you soon.
Caro aka bbk29


BOooonjOOOour !!

Aujourd'hui, deux "peintures" de ma "période verte" (on dirait Picasso !! hihihi !!) ; la première de 1996, "Le Loch", c'est une sorte de "petite maison dans la prairie", en breton, rien à voir avec le Loch Ness, où Loch veut dire lac, mais ici on prononce L . O. et CH comme dans "chat" ; la seconde, une nature morte, est plus ancienne, 1989 ou 90, sauf le cadre plus récent, qui est le négative des bords, comme vous pouvez le voir.
Bon, ce sera tout pour aujourd'hui, demain, je vous montrerai le passage entre figuratif et non-figuratif, au moment où j'ai commencé à m'interesser aux écritures, aux symboles et aux similitudes étranges entre différentes cultures...
@ plus tard.

Caro alias bbk29

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Another freebie today...


In addition of my "70's Bathroom" submission in SBB (still without preview... but I will show it to you HERE)

I give you HERE this add-on

It's a little bit out-of-fashion but it's the real bathroom of my parents (in the 70's / 80's), you know, as I have yet explained to you.... Hope you like it... As usual, if you make a layout with it, send it to me....

Write you later...

Caro aka bbk29



Pour agrémenter mon kit "70's Bathroom" soumis par SBB (ScrapBookBytes poiur les non-initiés), dont voici la prévisualisation manquante sur leur site, je vous offre un ensemble d'éléments supplémentaires.
C'est un peu "hors mode" mais c'est la vraie salle de bain de mes parents (dans les années 70/80), vous savez, comme je vous l'ai déjà expliqué ... J'espère que ça vous plaira... Comme d'hab, si vous créer des pages avec mes kits, montrez-les moi, ok ??

@+ tard.
Caro alias bbk29

Sunday, April 30, 2006

How I decide to show you....My Painting...

Well, it's late .. but I want to show you little by little what I paint...
I am very very shy... so I prefer you to be honest, if you want to comment what you see, what I show.... fell free to say it... I take this decision because I have recently sold my first painting ..

I will show you them by taking thing one at a (chronological) time.

This first one, "The Fence" (La Barrière) is dated of 1994, it's not the first one, not at all, but I decide to begin with this one... to show you how my work evolve and how after a while, it becomes a non-figurative expression...

Tomorrow, it will be the "labour day" in France, in fact more the "worker day" because nobody will works (except in the hospitals, the police, the firmen, in cinema, retaurant, ... nobody, you see !!).
I will show you other things...

Caro aka bbk29


Comment j'ai décidé de vous montrer...ma peinture...

Bon, il est tard... mais je voulais vous montrer petit à petit ce que je peins...
Je suis très très timide... donc, je préfère que vous soyez honnêtes, si vous voulez laisser un commentaire sur ce que vous voyez, sur ce que je vous montre... dites-le... j'ai pris cette décision parce que je viens de vendre ma première toile....

Je vais vous montrer ça en ordre chronologique.

Ce premier travail, "La Barrière", date de 1994, ça n'est pas le premier, loin de là, mais j'ai décidé de commencer avec celui-là, pour vous montrer comment mon travail a évolué, et comment assez rapidement il est devenu non-figuratif.

Voilà, demain c'est la "Fête du travail", en fait, plutôt la fête des travailleurs, puisque personne ne travaillera (sauf dans les hopitaux, la police, les pompiers, dans les cinémas, les restaurants, ... personne quoi !!).
Et je vous montrerai d'autres choses.

Caro aka bbk29

Here it comes !!!

Hello Everybody !!

That's done !! My submission "70's bathroom" is editing on the SBB gallery (but without the preview !! I write to them to repare this little problem...).. So I will soon post here an add-on for this kit, inspired by the wallpaper of my parent's bathroom during the 70's (and a little after...I admit).. You could see it on a photo of my niece in her bath (carefull, don't think you find a scoop !! it's only when she was very llittle little.. few monthes I think...). Look here... Look in particular the horrified eyes of the child and the turtle... very expressive on what they thought about this famous wallpaper...

So, today I try orange jam with canelle in my bread maker... Friday I was too busy making bread and brioche with my brand new bread maker... so I didn't write a word here...but I work a little for my paper, I promise...

So, for the moment I am still in pyjamas... I have to move my bottom...even a sunday, I have to move this (big) part of my anatomy... !!!
See you soon and Kenavo...

Caro aka bbk29


Bonjour Tout-le-monde !!!

Ca y est !!! Ma submission pour SBB appelée "70's Bathroom" a été éditée dans la partie download de leur site (mais sans aperçu !! je leur ai écrit pour régler ce léger problème ...). Donc, je pourrais poster ici, bientôt un additif à ce kit, inspiré par le papier peint de la salle de bain chez mes parents pendant les années 70 (et un peu après, j'avoue...). Vous pouvez l'apercevoir sur une photo de ma nièce dans son bain (attenbtion, pas de scoop ici, c'est seulement quand elle était vraiment très petite... quelques mois je pense ...). Regardez ici... En particulier les yeux horrifiés du bébé et de la tortue... très expressif, on comprend de suite ce qu'ils pensent de ce fameux papier peint...

Bon, aujourd'hui, je suis en train d'essayer la confiture d'orange à la canelle dans ma machine à pain (MAP). Vendredi j'ai été tellement occupée à faire du pain et de la brioche dans ma nouvelle machine flambant neuf... que je nai rien écrit dans mon blog... mais j'ai travaillé sur mon mémoire, je le jure !!

Alors, pour le moment, je suis encore en pyjama... je dois me remuer le popotin... même le dimanche, je dois penser à remuer cette (imposante) partie de mon anatomie... !!!
@ bientôt et Kenavo...

Caro aka bbk29

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Term Of Use

I allways forgot that, the TOU of my kits...
so consider that is done once for ever !!


When using these elements for the following AUTHORIZED uses, please give credit at :

YOU MAY: Use this kit for your own personal scrapbook ; Use this kit when scrapbooking a GIFT for someone else (i.e. Grandparents' album, Friendship album, birthday album, etc.) ; Submit layouts or other craftwork that uses this kit for publication in traditional or electronic magazines or in online galleries ; Use this kit for your *personal* website, provided nothing is sold from the site ; Change colors of this kit or otherwise alter elements - but please do not claim the result as your own if you do this.

PLEASE DO NOT: Share any or all of this kit with others. Please direct them to this site so they may also purchase this kit ; Use this kit if you scrapbook for others for pay or for any other commercial use, including websites ; Use this kit for obscene, vulgar, illegal or discriminatory works ; Place this kit on a CD/DVD that you will sell or otherwise distribute ; Let me know if you use this kit for a layout and post it in an online gallery. I'd love to see your work and leave a comment.
And please let me know if you use any of this kit.

In French, it's the same, and it will be for another day... I have to work...

Well, well, another one....

Hello Everybody,

Today I decide to work hard for my dissertation for the end of september (more or less a book of 80 pages about a french painter, Jean Degottex, plus another book containing lot of illustrations...)...
so I will put the scapbooking by side, only work on it one or two days a week... Yes, I know, it's hard for me too !!
Waiting that, I have some things (like kits, it seems...) prepared or in preparation.... something for summer (because here it seams that it will never come !! never, except may be, between the 14th of august and the 15th !! at noon, only !!) .
For the moment, I decide to put HERE another add-on elements for the CheeseCake participation to "One Sweet Day".

I know, it's "weirdous" named "Second elements" because the "First elements" is supposed to be downloaded on the CheeseCake blog. For the moment, we both don't know.. we will see !! Never know what future will be made with !
And for those who want to learn french, the same blabla in french !!

@+ Caro


Bonjour, tout le monde,

Aujourd'hui, j'ai décidé de travailler dur sur mon mémoire à rendre fin septembre (plus un moins un volume de 80 pages sur Jean Degottex, un artiste français, plus un autre volume contenant de très nombreuses illustrations...)...
donc, je vais mettre de côté le scrapbooking, n'y travailler qu'un jour ou deux par semaine, oui, je sais, c'est dur pour moi aussi !!
En attendant, j'ai quelques trucs (comme des kits, on dirait...) déjà prêts ou en préparation... certains pour l'été (parce qu'ici, il semble que l'été ne viendra jamais !! Jamais, sauf peut-être entre le 14 et le 15 aout !! à midi seulement !!)
Pour le moment, j'ai décidé de proposer ICI un autre add-on d'éléments pour ma contribution au kit "One Sweet Day" de CheeseCake.
Je sais, il est bizarrement appelé "Second Elements" parce que le "First Elements" devrait en principe être sur le blog de CheeseCake. Mais pour le moment, on se tâte encore toutes les deux... On ne sait pas de quoi le futur sera fait !
Et pour ceux qui voudraient évaluer mon niveau d'anglais, le même blabla plus haut en anglais.


Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Encore moi !!

It's once more Me !!
Here is my futur blog header :

Encore moi !!
ça c'est mon en-tête future...

I will try to give you an add-on for my STRIPED PAPER Pack on CheeseCake Blog...
It's named (...very original)... Second Paper Pack !!!

Well you could download it here...

I hope it will working, if not, fell free to tell me all...




Je vais essayer de vous offrir un add-on au Striped Paper Pack du blog de CheeseCake...Il est appelé ... (vraiment très original) ... Second Paper Pack !!!
J'espère que ça va marcher, sinon, n'ayaez pas peur de tout me dire ...


Monday, April 24, 2006

Hello, Grey monday and grey tuesday, as allways in Bretagne, it gives me the idea of making something about umbrellas.... !!
Well, I submit a new Striped paper pack

on http://cheesecake.blogsome.com/
and another one on Http://www.scrapbook-bytes.com/
wich is named 70's Bathroom...

it will take few days before seing them in these sites but you are awared !!
Waiting this, have a good day and see you soon for few freebies here (I have to find how to put for download my works !!).



Lundi gris et mardi gris comme toujours en Bretagne, ça me donne une idée, et si je préparais un kit autour des parapluies !!
Bon, je viens de xsoumettre un nouveau pack de papier sur http://cheesecake.blogsome.com/ et encore un autre sur http://www.scrapbook-bytes.com/... ça devrait prendre qq jours avant qu'ils soient visibles mais voue êtes prévenus !!
En attendant, bonne journée à tous et à bientôt pour qq freebies ici même (quand j'aurai trouver comment mettre en téléchargement mes travaux !!).

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Hello, yes, it's ONLY me...

Yes I know, it's ONLY me... but here I am...
ciao !!

Hello "tout le monde" !!

Here is my first (and only)
blogg !! How proud am I !!

Well, first, I have to prepare the graphic visual, etc etc, and may be, one or two freebies...
So, see you later, aligator, and lot of kisses.

Et voilà, c'est mon premier (et seul) blogg !! Qu'est-ce que je suis fière !!

Bon, pour commencer, je dois préparer la charte graphique et tout et tout... et peut-être, un ou deux petits cadeaux...
Donc, à plus tard, les p'tits tétards, et gros bisous.

bbk29 aka Caroline B.