Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Painting for Anne...

Bonjour tout le monde,

Yes, me, I'm fine, I go inn holydays 4 days with Léa and Jean-Pierre by my parents in the center of France (Angers exactly)... So everybody is destressed... Cool !!

So, today, I'll show you that :

It's a painting for my (little) sister, Anne, and it's named.... "Anne" , it's about 1997.. I jump with the both feet in the writting theme !!!

And I'll give you too an ALPHA that i give to SBB but since they reorganise the site, it doesn't appear ! So here it is !!! (there is another one in my secret cupboard for my hollyday return !!!)

See you soon, and on the CheeseCake blog for another "Collaborative kit", this one is named Strawberry Cjeesecake !!

Bisous à tous

Caro aka bbk29

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Another painting .... What do you think ??


Just before going by train in Paris (a 4h30 journey !! every week...) I put another painting that I called "Les acteurs" (The actors) in ref. with a book of Bernard Werber "Les Fourmis" (The Ants)... I paint it in 1997 (the colours are brighter in fact... but the photo didn't show them very well)...

Well, in one hour I will be in the train, surely reading a book of Martha Grimes or "L'anti-Regime" (the anti-diet) of David Benchetrit (yeeeees, I have 20 kilos to loose...)...
Tomorrow morning I have a seminar about Extreme-Orient (China, Japon....) and friday morning another seminar with Serge Lemoine (president of the Orsay Museum !!!), my professor and my director of research... And the both afternoons I have to read the manuscrit notes of the painter whom I work on, Jean Degottex (one next day I show you images of his work...). His writting is difficult to read... Here is the menu of my two next days.... And what about you ??

So see you soon here, and don't forget to let me your impressions and comments.
Caro aka bbk29

Monday, May 15, 2006

Here I come ...

Yes I know, a long silence next week but I was in Paris, like every thursday and friday (except in holiday periods) to go to my course of Contemporary Art History, in La Sorbonne University, and during this time I can't write on my blog.... 9 hours by train for 5 hours of course !! It has to be passion !!!

So here is another painting

It's a "Terasse in Paris", dated 1997....

And the next one is the famous one that decide of my passage to a quiet non-figurative work...

I entitled it in 1997 "Ogham" in reference to the old irishes writting, ancestor of Runes and I make a link with the "code-barre" we use now.

Well well, it's an old painting now, little by little you will see the slide to a totally non-figurative painting...
See you soon !!!

Caro aka bbk29

Sunday, May 14, 2006

New new freebie

Hello to my fans !!!

I am joking but I really appreciate yours comments !!! Really !!!

HERE is the second add-on for "Beautifull May" , I hope you enjoy it... if you want to be advised when I put some new freebie, you could let me your email.... Visit too the Cheesecake Blog for elements wich match with this ones..

If somebody want a french translation, I could do it, but now I am in a hurry to give you these things... so !!! This afternoon (now it's 12:22 here) I'll show you another painting(s)... just because I want it... Na !!

See you soon and read you soon too....

Caro aka bbk29

Saturday, May 13, 2006

New freebie

Good Night (for me... it's 23:06 !!)

Here is the preview that I have just finished of my new freebie in addition to the "Beautiful May" of Cheesecake... several papers, one transparent alpha, a curled ribbon, four slides and squared buttons...
Next days, two another add-on espacially for you...
So, see you soon, and if you could and if it's not forbidden by your religion, please click on the advertisings on my blog... if you want.... it will be cool for me....
Caro aka bbk29

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Another painting...

HEEEeeellOooo !!!!

This morning (it's 9:56) I will show you another paintings... of my "first period" - quite like Picasso, here is my "green période".... (hihihi !!!)It's named "Le Loch", that is a sort of little house in Bretagne (it's a name in breton), nothing to see with "Loch Ness" or else, wich mean "lake"... The pronounciation is L. O. and CH like in "chat" (cat)... It is dated of 1996.

This second one, a still life, is older (1989 or 1990, except the frame, wich is the negative of the border... as you can see)

That's all for today... Tomorrow, I will show you the slitly passage between figrative and non-figurative, when I begin to work around writting, symbols and stange similitudes between different culture...
Write you soon.
Caro aka bbk29


BOooonjOOOour !!

Aujourd'hui, deux "peintures" de ma "période verte" (on dirait Picasso !! hihihi !!) ; la première de 1996, "Le Loch", c'est une sorte de "petite maison dans la prairie", en breton, rien à voir avec le Loch Ness, où Loch veut dire lac, mais ici on prononce L . O. et CH comme dans "chat" ; la seconde, une nature morte, est plus ancienne, 1989 ou 90, sauf le cadre plus récent, qui est le négative des bords, comme vous pouvez le voir.
Bon, ce sera tout pour aujourd'hui, demain, je vous montrerai le passage entre figuratif et non-figuratif, au moment où j'ai commencé à m'interesser aux écritures, aux symboles et aux similitudes étranges entre différentes cultures...
@ plus tard.

Caro alias bbk29

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Another freebie today...


In addition of my "70's Bathroom" submission in SBB (still without preview... but I will show it to you HERE)

I give you HERE this add-on

It's a little bit out-of-fashion but it's the real bathroom of my parents (in the 70's / 80's), you know, as I have yet explained to you.... Hope you like it... As usual, if you make a layout with it, send it to me....

Write you later...

Caro aka bbk29



Pour agrémenter mon kit "70's Bathroom" soumis par SBB (ScrapBookBytes poiur les non-initiés), dont voici la prévisualisation manquante sur leur site, je vous offre un ensemble d'éléments supplémentaires.
C'est un peu "hors mode" mais c'est la vraie salle de bain de mes parents (dans les années 70/80), vous savez, comme je vous l'ai déjà expliqué ... J'espère que ça vous plaira... Comme d'hab, si vous créer des pages avec mes kits, montrez-les moi, ok ??

@+ tard.
Caro alias bbk29