Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Another painting .... What do you think ??


Just before going by train in Paris (a 4h30 journey !! every week...) I put another painting that I called "Les acteurs" (The actors) in ref. with a book of Bernard Werber "Les Fourmis" (The Ants)... I paint it in 1997 (the colours are brighter in fact... but the photo didn't show them very well)...

Well, in one hour I will be in the train, surely reading a book of Martha Grimes or "L'anti-Regime" (the anti-diet) of David Benchetrit (yeeeees, I have 20 kilos to loose...)...
Tomorrow morning I have a seminar about Extreme-Orient (China, Japon....) and friday morning another seminar with Serge Lemoine (president of the Orsay Museum !!!), my professor and my director of research... And the both afternoons I have to read the manuscrit notes of the painter whom I work on, Jean Degottex (one next day I show you images of his work...). His writting is difficult to read... Here is the menu of my two next days.... And what about you ??

So see you soon here, and don't forget to let me your impressions and comments.
Caro aka bbk29
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