Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Painting for Anne...

Bonjour tout le monde,

Yes, me, I'm fine, I go inn holydays 4 days with Léa and Jean-Pierre by my parents in the center of France (Angers exactly)... So everybody is destressed... Cool !!

So, today, I'll show you that :

It's a painting for my (little) sister, Anne, and it's named.... "Anne" , it's about 1997.. I jump with the both feet in the writting theme !!!

And I'll give you too an ALPHA that i give to SBB but since they reorganise the site, it doesn't appear ! So here it is !!! (there is another one in my secret cupboard for my hollyday return !!!)

See you soon, and on the CheeseCake blog for another "Collaborative kit", this one is named Strawberry Cjeesecake !!

Bisous à tous

Caro aka bbk29
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