Monday, June 05, 2006

What the problem with Blogger ??

I'm back from Paris till the night between saturday ans sunday... My last courses for this year and I visit an expo "L'Envolée Lyrique" in the Musée du Luxembourg (the Sénat), about the "Abstraction Lyrique", an artisic movment in France between 1945 and ~1956, more or less.... and MY painter (is to say, the painter on whom I write, Jean Degottex) is one of these artists. It's a party of that is called "L'école de Paris", wich is not a school in fact but a stream of artstic thinking.... (argh !! my english is too poor !!)

Did I could show you something now ?? Blogger didn't go very well today .... I try several time today but... nothing.... I couldn't put any photo....arrrrgggghhhh !!!
I will try tomorrow !! I want to share with you another alpha and more paintings to see...
May be tomorrow will be another day, as we say in France....

So, see you tomorrow...
@+ (= see you soon, see you later...)
Caro aka bbk29
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