Monday, June 12, 2006

My avatars....

Here is <-- one of my new avatar but I can't insert it on Gottapixel... may be have I to had 30 posts ???
It's approximativly me, a "me" of every day...
the other is this one -->

So here is the next painting, it's called "Rose", it's a word game between the colour, the flower and it's also a first name in french... There is a "Rose des vents" (wind rose ??), a rose, and lot of thing,

and a sentence :
"L'insecte butineur
apprécie-t-il à sa juste valeur
la perfection de cette fleur ?"
Is to say in approximative english :"Does the butinor insecte appreciate at is real price the perfection of this flower?" (very very approximative english, in fact!!!)..

So read you soon and good night !!

bbk29 aka Caroline
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