Thursday, April 27, 2006

Term Of Use

I allways forgot that, the TOU of my kits...
so consider that is done once for ever !!


When using these elements for the following AUTHORIZED uses, please give credit at :

YOU MAY: Use this kit for your own personal scrapbook ; Use this kit when scrapbooking a GIFT for someone else (i.e. Grandparents' album, Friendship album, birthday album, etc.) ; Submit layouts or other craftwork that uses this kit for publication in traditional or electronic magazines or in online galleries ; Use this kit for your *personal* website, provided nothing is sold from the site ; Change colors of this kit or otherwise alter elements - but please do not claim the result as your own if you do this.

PLEASE DO NOT: Share any or all of this kit with others. Please direct them to this site so they may also purchase this kit ; Use this kit if you scrapbook for others for pay or for any other commercial use, including websites ; Use this kit for obscene, vulgar, illegal or discriminatory works ; Place this kit on a CD/DVD that you will sell or otherwise distribute ; Let me know if you use this kit for a layout and post it in an online gallery. I'd love to see your work and leave a comment.
And please let me know if you use any of this kit.

In French, it's the same, and it will be for another day... I have to work...
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