Monday, July 10, 2006

My last part LO for Summer Umbrella...

Alors ??? Hein ??? So ??? what do you say about this ??? Personnaly I prefere this one....

My daughter said that Manon, a girl from her classroom, has a "robe qui tourne" (a dress-wich-turns) I don't know if in other land it's a girly fantasm, but in France, to have a dress-wich-turn, it's quite having a princess dress !!!!
So in two hours, I made a dress-wich-turns with a flower on the chest.... She was very very happy !!! More than happy, I have to admit !!! Very little thing for a great joy !! It is that the child !!!

I keep this souvenir and I use it to illustrate the three part of my "Summer Umbrella" (there is quite nothing to do with umbrella now... may be the dress-wich-turns ???)

Say me what you think about all of that and tomorrow, I proooooomise I put the third part of the kit !!! I use my LO like a teaser !!!! You are swallowing in advance, I see you !!!!

Read you soon and @+ tard !!!

bbk29 aka Caro{line}
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