Sunday, March 29, 2009

Coming in April to Nuts4Digi

Coming in April to Nuts4Digi



12 Designers/12 Kits

Like to sample the delights of our designers?

Each week, commencing April 2nd, N4D will feature two designers and you will have the opportunity to purchase their kits at a special designer promotion price.

Using the same colour swatch, each individual kit has been created to bring you a wonderful selection of goodies.

If you decide to purchase more than one kit it will be colour co-ordinated.

Kits will go on sale at $A3.50 ($2.50 USD) for a few days only before reverting to their regular store price of $A5.00 ($3.50 USD).

To see which kits will be released first you will need to visit the store on April 2nd!

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