Thursday, December 01, 2011

@ Nuts4Digi : DECEMBER ART (and Design) CHALLENGE

This month, I will ask something special, for the new Year, New Resolutions : we are goig to create our own Business card
So I talk more about Design than Art but one didn't exclude the other.
So, Think out of the box, creating you own Business card needs some requirements, well explained here :
And now the artsy part of this challenge :
After those examples really creative, you could think of one with a photo (as Background, or whatever you want), you could have a look to this ones too !
Something like that :

or that :

I know you could, after the splendid pages you yet create !!!!
It's only a change of size !!
Post your page HERE before 30th of November 2011.
And here is your posting (fantastic as always) Bonus :

Thread to go to the challenge :

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