Monday, August 05, 2013


Here is my first “DO MORE WITH MMS” tutorial, and today I have a special FREEBIE, a SHAPE for MyMemories Suite.
To use it as a SHAPE, you have to install it manually under the components folder of MyMemories Suite.
03-08-2013 12-02-58
Install it in this path on your computer, assuming that you install MyMemories Suite in your C:
C:\Program Files\My Memories Suite\Components\Shapes\Users
or in C:\Programs\My Memories Suite\Components\Shapes\Users
To add a shape, click on Shape > Add> and choose USERS :
03-08-2013 12-08-29
Choose the STAR01 and >APPLY and CLOSE.
03-08-2013 12-12-31
The shape is applied on your page, in grey color.
You could use a plain color to match your photo
03-08-2013 12-14-57
or a paper or a « photo » (a photo could also be a custom paper in you own folder)
03-08-2013 12-16-57
Here is what you obtain with a color, a « photo » or a custom paper:
03-08-2013 12-21-37
You could, as always, customise your shape with MATE and SHADOWS:
03-08-2013 12-26-27
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