Saturday, April 05, 2014

News from Me !


Since I begin to design for Scrapbooking, 10 years ago, style and quality standard have changed ! When I begin, the aim of digital scrapbooking is to copy the “real” scrapbooking, we have to be really careful to realistic shadows, papers are like real papers, and you couldn’t imagine to stick a real flower on a page !

Without talking of quality, we didn’t talk about QC (Quality Check or Quality Control) !

But style had evoluate, and Altered Art and realistic embellishments appeared and with so many designers, QC is become a mandatory operation for many shops.

I decide to QC all my items again, and particularly the oldest ones and focisong specially on Gamut, to ensure you that all my designs are printing-friendly !

It is a very long process, so little by little all my kits will pass the “roping” QC … I add a logo on my “2014 QC” kits, et voilà !



While this time, I add a ton of

new bundles in MyMemories store and they are on sale:

For example :

Strawberry Cheesecake Bundle_1


And I still be the

Featured Designer for April @ Sensibility Scrapping :

40% OFF, I am not kean in sale, so take advantage !


I set also a 40% on my own boutique Caroline B.

My STORE CAROLINE B., My Magic World of Digital Design,
is on sale at 40% OFF !!!
(except prices under $0.99)



And I have a funny challenge on Wilma4Ever:

April Art Challenge

Hi everybody,
I am Caroline, aka Caroline B. and I will manage the Art challenge this month (at least), if you are happy with it !! LOL !
I am French, so please be kind with my "naughty" English, it does more or less what it wants....
I will propose you something related with Art, because I am doctor in Art History (it's not an April fool !!), not specially with Altered Art but I have nothing against altered art (I am also painter), just have to be more confident with this challenge... and with you all...LOL !
I only ask you to be inspired by this painting :

a very famous painting from Gustav Klimt, called "The Kiss"....
Use at least 50% Wilma4Ever products.
Upload your layout to the MONTHLY CHALLENGE GALLERY and in this thread.
Post your links in THE MONTHLY TRACKING THREAD as well.
Challenge ends at 11:59pm Pacific Time on April 30th, 2014


Have fun !

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