Thursday, April 10, 2014

Which one to choose ?

Well, I have a hard decision to take…. No don’t imagine I will stop designing !! Not yet….

No, that’s not that… Only, XP is no longer updated so…. I yet jump from Windows 2000 to Windows XP quite lately… And now, I he to change again…. What did I install, Win7 or Win 8, what do you think ?

My computer swithed off alone yesterday, I feared for my dear bytes !!! I just receive my new External DD, I was about to plug it when, no sound, no image…  I still don’t know what happens, so while it was off (not so often ! LOL), I have time to take a break and think (once again, not too often !) : “Yes, I will move to another Windows…. “ , it takes me half an hour for formuling this sentence !! And still wonder wich one .. How long Win7 will be updated… Will my computer support Win8… and those programs I have to reinstall… without speaking of those inevitable loss of datas… Pfuuuu ! But these times, my PC is veryyyyy slowwww., I almost loose my mojo… So let me know what you advise me… 7 or 8 ?

So today, I swith off Facebook…. stop watching for new mails and … I design ! Yep M’am ! I design ! A big kit called “You are so…” and I make a photobook in the same time, so I see what is missing in my kit and create it “on the flight” ! Hope you will love it…

I use this palette :


And here is a free QP I will offer soon (may be today, may be tomorrow…) when I will release my kits : 2 “standard” kits (5 papers + 20 embellishments) + the Bundle and 1 or 2 kits of additional papers…

You are So 12x12 PB-012

Well,  wait to hear your preference between Win7 and Win8, and I will let you know what I choose and when my “YOU ARE SO…” is released….

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