Thursday, May 08, 2014



Well, Windows 7 is not really impressive ! I think that my computer is too old… and not money to update it for the moment, so, I install only few programs… just the minimum to work but no fancyness ! PS is an old one, no plugins at all, and an old CorelDraw, just the minimum ! So, let’s work !

A little calm after the crazyness of iNSD (oh, you forget ?), never too late !

I still have sale on BUNDLE on my store :


All my Bundles were yet at 20% Off BUT I ADD an additional 20% OFF !! So take advantage of this super bargain !

I also have a new kit for Mother Day. It is 11th of May in USA but only 25th of May in France It is yet on my own store and will be soon on MyMemories …

If you send me a kind post, I will send you a kind 20% off coupon !! LOL !

2014 Mother Day

I also set all my TOTATO COLOR SERIES, A TASTE OF SUMMER SERIES and a 2 kits and the Bundle for Father Day (for once, I am not too late !) (click on image to be directed on the product page)
A Taste of Summer Bundle A Man Thing Bundle
A Tomato Color Bundle 1 A Tomato Color Bundle 2
Have a good day.  
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