Friday, October 17, 2014

New in MyMemories store


Barbara_blue_1_medium Barbara Blue $1.99

Barbara_red_1_medium Barbara Red $1.99

Barbara_blue_monograms_1_medium Barbara Blue Monograms $1.99

Barbara_red_monograms_1_medium Barbara Red Monograms $1.99

Barbara_bundle_1_medium Barbara Bundle $6.99

Fright_night_bundle__1_medium Fright Night Bundle $13.99

A_thankful_heart_8x11_alb2-000_medium A Thankful Heart 8x11 Alb2 $2.99

A_thankful_heart_8x11_alb3-000_medium A Thankful Heart 8x11 Alb3 $3.49

A_thankful_heart_8x11_alb4-000_medium A Thankful Heart 8x11 Alb4 $3.49

A_thankful_heart_8x11_alb5-000_medium A Thankful Heart 8x11 Alb5 $2.99

A_thankful_heart_11x8_alb2-000_medium A Thankful Heart 11x8 Alb2 $2.99

A_thankful_heart_11x8_alb3-000_medium A Thankful Heart 11x8 Alb3 $3.49

A_thankful_heart_11x8_alb4-000_medium A Thankful Heart 11x8 Alb4 $3.49

And it is the last day for 45% OFF on my whole store (except those new products)…

And soon, a new frebie, a Blog Train for the Breast Cancer Awareness !! Be prepared !!

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