Sunday, November 02, 2014

Here is the waited second Blog Train : My Favourite November, and my new kits in store…

I am sorry, I set a lot of new kit in MyMemories store, but I don’t know why they are all set in the same time, some with too much delay !!! My Halloween products appeared in store on 1st of November !!! Too late !!! 10 days waiting… I don’t know what happened… BUT, they all are CRAFTABLE TEMPLATES so they could be re-used for another occasion, by changing the backgrounds and elements in MyMemories Suite program !

Fortunately, those for Thanksgiving are ready !
Here they are :
4 new albums, available in 3 size(12x12”, 8.5x11” and 11x8.5”):
 And the matched PHOTOBOOKS, available in 4 size (8x8” also):
And 2 models, available for iPhone (4 & 5) and Samsung (S3 and S4) :
 And a bunch of Quickpages :

The new NATIONAL PARK kit 1 and 2 and Bundle + the matching Animal Frames (remember, it is based on a old blog train, I always try to enlarge my freebie to make kits):
National_park_1_1_medium National_park_2_1_medium
National Park 1 $2.99 $2.39 National Park 2 $2.99 $2.39
National_parkl_frames_1_1_medium National_parkl_frames_2_1_medium
National Park Frames 1 $1.99 $1.59 National Park Frames 2 $1.99 $1.59

A_vintage_card_1_1_medium A_vintage_card_2_1_medium
A Vintage Card 1 $1.99 $1.19 A Vintage Card 2 $1.99 $1.19
A_vintage_card_flairs_1_medium A_vintage_card_journal_cards_1_medium
A Vintage Card Flairs $1.49 $0.89 A Vintage Card Journal $1.49 $0.89

Touched By A Butterlfy:
Dea's designs:
Marniejo's House of Scraps:
Creations By Lindy:
Dora's Digitals:
Caroline B.:
Melissa Scrap Designs:
AND here is my part (I will enlarge it later to make bigger kits):
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(I know that some of you may have a pop up windows that want to open, I don’t know how I can repair that, it seams that someone install a advertising bloody pop up on my blog, I have to find how to get it out… waiting that, I am sorry for the inconvenient…).
The next Blog Train I take part is based on this palette and due for the 10th of November (and it promises to be huge !!!)
Enjoy !


Dawn Campbell said...

Very pretty! TFS!!

makeyesup said...

Thanks, pretty clusters and a double thanks for adding your name to the items instead of just generic naming.

Caroline B said...

YOu're welcome Dawn !

Caroline B said...

Makeyesup, I always name my items like that, do you mean that the other designers have to do so ? I could suggest it to them if you need, if you think it is easier (is it to keep easily track of the items you use in your page ?).

Mary Presley said...

Lovely colors!! Beautiful kit!! Thank you so much for sharing!!

R said...

Thank you :)

Pam K said...

Thank you!