Wednesday, March 19, 2014


HEllo all,
About 1% of people worldwide (65 million) have epilepsy, and nearly 80% of cases occur in developing countries. Epilepsy becomes more common as people age. In the developed world, onset of new cases occurs most frequently in infants and the elderly; in the developing world this is in older children and young adults, due to differences in the frequency of the underlying causes. About 5–10% of all people will have an unprovoked seizure by the age of 80, and the chance of experiencing a second seizure is between 40 and 50%. In many areas of the world those with epilepsy either have their ability to drive restricted or disallowed, but most are able to return to driving after a period of time without seizures.
Epilepsy cannot be cured, but seizures are controllable with medication in about 70% of cases. In those whose seizures do not respond to medication, surgery, neurostimulation or dietary changes may be considered. Not all cases of epilepsy are lifelong, and a substantial number of people improve to the point that medication is no longer needed.
Our Blog Train is for EPILEPSY this month and we choose a particularly soft palette as epileptic people are very sensitive to bright colors.
So here is my part, and it’s a Sneak Peak for the surprise !!
 Too late, sorry.

And here are the stop of those wonderful designers who want to share their talent for a right cause :
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Andrea Kostelić said...

thank you so much for sharing this kit and great "review" of epilepsy

Els Andrée Wiltens said...

Thank you Caroline!

Caroline B said...

You are welcome Andrea and Els !!! Have a good day !

gypsymonkeyscrap said...

Thank you for helping to spread the awareness of Epilepsy and for your part in this train. Very pretty!

Pam K said...

Thank you for sharing!

Candice Stears said...

This is really awesome. Thank you for bringing awareness to Epilepsy.

I hope no one will think I am silly for saying this, but my dog has epilepsy. I know it's not the same thing as a person/human going through it, but our dog is like our family member - so for us, he is kind of like a human.

My dog, Luke, is on medication daily (Phenobarbital), but still continues to have seizures approximately once every 2 months. In fact, this weekend he had a cluster of seizures which was very scary for me because I don't remember him having seizures back-to-back-to-back like that. He had 3 seizures within a 12 hour period of time. I never know when or if a seizure is going to "take him from us" - I sure hope that never happens...I wish there were a cure and I wish no one ever had to go through this awful condition. As a dog he's always home, so I absolutely can't imagine what it's like for a person who has to go through this! It is scary enough to have a seizure, let alone outside of your home, I just can't image what that would be like. I pray for all who suffer with this condition, both human and pets alike.


Caroline B said...

Thank you Candice for your testimonial. I suppose life is not allways better for dogs tgan for humans. And when we love them, it is hard too to see them ill !

schellie said...

when i try to download i get only the subscription form to the newsletter, but no link. Wat do I do wrong? Could you please look into the link?

Caroline B said...

I am sorry Shellie, I don't know what happen with my blog, some words are weirly linked to wikipedia and the word here linked to my newsletter subscription. I will have a look, BUT you have to click on the IMAGE to have the link to my kit !! Enjoy !

Unknown said...

Thank you for the cute kit. My favorite parts are the rickrack flower and the green paper. -Marie

Caroline B said...

Thanks a lot Marie, you're welcome ! Come often as I am used to take part of several blog train.