Thursday, March 27, 2014

For our friend Kerrie

One of my best Scrap designer friend Kerrie Mandogscrap, is living hard times. Her 17 years soulmate, Gary, just passed away after only 15 days since they know is has massive cancer. They just have time to mary. A funny story Kerrie said : on the way to Dr on the wed, she said “maybe we should get married” - Gary replied “don't think so”, as he always did. When they left the Dr, he said “Better go to the courthouse and see what we have to do to get married”.

Kerrie would never ask for help. They live on 40 acres of bush in a caravan and were slowly building a house. gary had a bike accident some years ago and nearly died and so they relied on pensions and live simply. He did not have insurance, just accident insurance and no funeral insurance. I know it is going to be a huge struggle for her financially, as well as mentally and physically as they have no savings and her income will be cut drastically.

A friend has started an account for donations for a funeral.

We immediately began a group with designers to make a donation collaborative kit for Kerrie, and we are now 79 designers !! The palette is gorgeous and smeel good Australia :

How warm is the digital scrapbooking world, when drama and jealousy are off. It will be a huge kit, for the moment, we have :

171 papers
12 clusters
7 quickpages
1 psd template
1 CU template pack
306 elements:
20 journaling/tags
23 leaves/trees
35 misc items
23 ribbons/stitches
7 pieces of tape
16 wordart/titles
37 assorted animals
4 banners/arrows
2 bikes
10 bows
44 flowers
28 frames
15 gears
24 pieces of hardware (buttons/clips etc)
18 hearts
and an alpha + several MyMemories albums

and it is not finished : we have till 31 th of march to collaborate !!!! If you are designer and want to take part too, it is still time : ask to subscribe to :

Waiting the moment of it will be sold, as kits and bundles, you could have a good heart to visit Kerrie stores and blogs




and visit her blogs :

So, take care of your loved ones, take time to tell them you love them, life is so impredictable !…

…and stay tuned to be ready to buy the big kit for My2Dogs (the biker name of Gary)…

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